Production plant Oyster Medisafe

Acquisition of Oyster Medisafe Pvt. Ltd. in April 2011, has fortified position as customer's first choice for quality and safe infusion therapy.

Oyster Medisafe Pvt. Ltd. has been producing syringes, needles and IV sets in India since 2007.

Approximately 380 dedicated employees work in the facility to produce medical devices used in clinics, private practices and emergency services, making Oyster Medisafe a leading manufacturer. The flawless functioning and optimal handling are the stipulations we place on our products. The quality of our syringes, IV sets as well as needles is certified, allowing us to offer safety to both patient and administrator.

The following products are manufactured at the plant:

- Sterile Hypodermic Syringes for single use “OMNIVAN”
- Sterile Hypodermic Needle for single use “STERICAN”
- Sterile IV set “Vented” & “Non Vented”, “ECOFIX AIR”, “INTRAFIX ECO”
- Sterile Blood Transfusion Set
- Non-sterile Urine collection bag & accessories
- Pressure Monitoring Line

The reliable, guiding principles and internal systems found within our company are world class and make up for the basis of our quality products.