Production plant Chengalpet

The first factory established in Ponda, Goa since 2007, was relocated to Chengalpet

Our first footstep in manufacturing, were imprinted in 1996 in a factory in Ponda, Goa to manufacture medical disposals. Eleven years later, we had relocated to a new plant which nows stands proudly in Chengalpet Tamil Nadu.

The state of the art production facility near Chennai in Tamil Nadu was established by B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 2007. Today, it manufactures over 2000 different types of Surgical Sutures.

With an output of over 20 million units of sutures per year, it provides employment to over 200 people. It is operationally integrated with the B. Braun Center of Excellence (CoE) for Sutures in Spain. 

As a part of the Aesculap division, it contributes significantly to the global supply of B. Braun surgical sutures. Close integration with best practices at CoE and standards based on US and European Pharmacopoeias ensure best possible Product  Safety & Quality.

ISO 13485:2003  as well as CE mark Certifications confirm the best production practices followed at this plant. Through continuous addition of new and technically advanced products and support of its dedicated employees, the plant looks forward to play an even more significant role for B. Braun not only in India but also globally.

In 2011, B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd. Sutures Plant - Chengalpet was the winner of the Export Award 2011 from the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in the Joint Venture Category.