Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Sustainability is an important guiding principle of B. Braun's corporate activities

B. Braun stands for innovation, efficiency and sustainability. As a corporate citizen, the company is involved around the world in activities that extend beyond its own core business. At B. Braun, we are convinced that sustainable thinking strengthens our company, encourages growth, and makes an essential contribution. 

Sustainable action promotes collaboration, strengthens relationships with society, and creates added value as a result. B. Braun India understands the need to focus towards the rural population in the regions around our manufacturing facilities. In line with our value of sustainability, we have initiated projects directed towards health, hygiene, sanitation, education and environment. Together, we can sustainably improve the health of people around the world.

Our responsibility to society

Our responsibility to society

Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)

As a family-owned business, B. Braun acts around the world as a "citizen of society". We consider this to mean that we act as a good citizen for society in the long term, beyond our actual business activities.

B. Braun India runs a mobile medical unit (MMU) in and around twelve villages surrounding our Ahlcon plant in Bhiwadi. The MMU travels for six days a week and ensures ease of accessibility for the people living there to diagnose ailments at an early stage. These checkups include monitoring of blood sugar, blood pressure and hemoglobin as well as providing appropriate medicine for free.

Installation of sanitary pad dispensing unit

As a part of engagement with Rajasthan state government, 25 sanitary napkin dispensing units were also installed at Jaipur in different urban primary healthcare centres which was inaugurated on16th April, 2019.

At this event, a workshop was conducted by B. Braun team to emphasize on the importance of hygiene and also demonstrated how to use the machine and refill it. This workshop was attended by the health officials from the Government of Rajasthan.

In order to contribute towards the awareness, education and promotion of menstrual hygiene in the early life stages of girl students, B. Braun India has installed sanitary pad dispensing units in government secondary schools near our plants in Bhiwadi and Chengalpet. This is aimed at increasing access to and use of good quality sanitary napkins among adolescent girls residing primarily in rural areas. These sanitary napkins will be available to the girl students free of cost and we will replenish it on a regular basis for their usage.

Construction of toilets

With the nationwide campaigning of Clean India initiative, a lot of efforts are being taken across the country to focus on sanitation. In rural India, this would mean improving the levels of cleanliness through Solid and Liquid Waste Management activities and making villages Open Defecation Free (ODF), clean and sanitised.

There are 3 police stations near our Bhiwadi plant – Bhiwadi Mod, Phoolbagh and UIT Sector 3. Ahlcon Parenterals took the responsibility of constructing the toilets in these police stations.

Promoting education

Sustainability means creating perspectives for future generations. 

Education is the foundation for economic development and social growth of any country. Since 2012, B. Braun India has partnered with a reputed university in Mumbai to provide scholarships to students in their nursing programme. This initiative helps the young women students pursue their interests and focus on their education with our support.

In an another initiative in promoting education, B. Braun India has equipped three government schools in Hyderabad with basic educational amenities like benches, tables, chairs, cupboards, boards, school bags and books.

Our responsibility to environment

Our responsibility to environment

Park development

Our environment faces growing challenges: climate change, resource scarcity and an increasing global population. In order to promote environment sustainability, make open spaces accessible to the people and promote cleanliness in public areas, B. Braun India has undertaken the development and maintenance of a park in the vicinity of its Ahlcon plant in Bhiwadi.

Designing and renovation of the park area includes plantation of trees, developing the sitting areas, wall painting, arranging for proper lighting at the park.

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