World Diabetes Day 2017 Women and Diabetes

The Right to a Healthy Future

Every year, the World Diabetes Day (WDD) is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness of diabetes. In honor of Frederick G. Bantings, discoverer of insulin, it takes place on his birthday. This 14 November, the initiator IDF puts the focus on women.

Awareness, knowledge, information – however one might phrase it, the meaning is clear: The more a society and people affected by diabetes know about the disease, the better. This is especially true for women since gender is not to be neglected when it comes to diabetes. The reasons are manifold:

1. The neglected threat

Women with diabetes have more difficulty conceiving and an increased risk of an early miscarriage or giving birth to a child with malformation. This is why diabetes poses a serious health hazard to both pregnant women and their babies.

2. A type of diabetes for women only

And, let’s not forget: There is also the risk of gestational diabetes. In fact, one in seven births is affected by this form of diabetes. Unfortunately, in half of these cases, this condition leads to type 2 diabetes over the next 5 to 10 years.

3. Socioeconomic disadvantage

Often, women are excluded from free access to healthcare. This is especially challenging in countries where women still obtain no or little public education. Poor income and quality of life are influential, too, and fuel overall inequalities.

4. Access to healthcare

All women with diabetes should have the right to

  • essential diabetes technology and adequate treatment
  • education and information on the disease so they are able to (self)manage it
  • diabetes and gestational diabetes screening
  • general knowledge and resources

5. Ensuring early detection

In a healthcare system which is accessible to both women and men alike, early detection can be granted. And better care leads to better treatment results and reduced maternal mortality rates. In lots of cases, type 2 diabetes could even be prevented.

The bottom line

All women with diabetes or who are at risk deserve affordable and equitable access to appropriate and essential diabetes care. B. Braun offers products and services to support a self-determined life with diabetes. Our products are designed and manufactured to make living with diabetes easier.

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