B. Braun Indonesia shares awareness and support the health of people at Desa Kalihurip

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B. Braun Indonesia shares awareness and support the health of people at Desa Kalihurip

Committed to improve the health of people around the world, B. Braun Indonesia is holding a public health counseling and examination the health of local community in Kalihurip Village, Karawang Regency, West Java. The event is dubbed “Social Awareness, Public Health, and Environment Care Improvement in Kalihurip Village with B. Braun Indonesia.” Public health counseling and examination takes place at the Kalihurip’s Village Head Office and is attended by PT B. Braun Indonesia Management. Kalihurip Village is located closed by B. Braun Indonesia’s plant, which was recently inaugurated by the Indonesia’s Minister of Health on 27th July 2017.

Managing Director of PT B. Braun Indonesia, Stephan Soyka says, "As one of the world's leading healthcare companies, with a vision to protect and improve public health worldwide, B. Braun committed to share its expertise in the community as reflected in today's Corporate Social Responsibility program.  One of B. Braun's core values, sustainability, drives us to initiate various activities that focus on health education for the local community near B. Braun facility,"

Stephan Soyka further explain that the public health counseling and examination in Kalihurip village is part of B. Braun Indonesia’s Corporate Social Responsibility program that also dedicated to support government health promotion and disease prevention programs. “Through this activity, we hope to see Kalihurip local community to be more aware on health issues and start paying better attention to improve their health quality and environmental cleanliness to create a generation of healthy citizens," Stephan adds.

Sukandi, as the Kalihurip Village Head says, “We would like to express our gratitude to B. Braun Indonesia who share its expertise to us through health counseling and examination in the village. Through this activity, we hope that we will be more understand how to protect and improve our health quality by living a clean and healthy lifestyle. This program is indeed a blessing for us,"

This time Corporate Social Responsibility’s program, including consultation session with topic of how to protect and improve the quality of health during turning seasons. The examinations itself, consist of blood sugar test, blood pressure test, and cholesterol test. The locals both adults and elders are eager to get their health examined and to get health counseling. In addition to this, B. Braun Indonesia also donates a number of health instruments i.e. baby scales, hanging scales, and a number of cleaning tools to Kalihurip’s Integrated Service Post (Posyandu), all to improve the local’s awareness of the importance of a clean and healthy environment.


Last year, B. Braun Indonesia held a CSR activity to educate schoolchildren of the Kalihurip 2 Primary School on how to cleanly wash their hands in a movement to create a healthy lifestyle in Kalihurip Village. "We look forward to continuously contribute to the society, improving the health of locals living close by B. Braun’s plant," Stephan concludes.

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