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B. Braun - Partner In Health, Committed To Progress

B. Braun: Medical Products Worldwide
B. Braun: Medical Products Worldwide

International healthcare markets are characterized by steady growth. As a family-owned company, B. Braun faces especially tough competition.

We offer outstanding products and process-orientated services to the healthcare industry worldwide.

We strive to be a strong and reliable partner - for both people and markets and to grow from our own strength.

With 56,000 employees in 64 countries, B. Braun achieves a turnover of 6.13 billion euros.

History of the B. Braun Brand

B. Braun. Always a Brand?
Remarks on the History of the Brand

The new corporate branding will become mandatory for B. Braun and all its subsidiaries at the turn of the year. A uniform appearance of the company with the same message worldwide is to turn the brand into "something which can be experienced".

Although this is the first time in the history of B. Braun that the corporate brand has been conceived as an umbrella brand, the company has by necessity also given thought to the subject of presentation in the past – logos and claims are also not something completely new.

What were things like in the past? When were there significant changes in presentation and what were the reasons for this? A look into the company archives provides answers.