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Physicians today have shifted from offline to online in a swift pace. The migration to spending more time on a mobile device is also driving clinical relevance and total digital access time. Out of the total time physicians spend accessing clinical and professional information, they spend almost ¾ of that time accessing and securing information from digital resources.
Today’s physicians are increasingly overwhelmed of information and technological development. As sources of information are growing and the mass of information gets bigger, it is difficult to stay up to date and to find specific information in a short timeframe. There is a need to be well informed and get the right information everywhere and every time. It should be simple to connect with other physicians, discuss experiences and to track trends and developments in a field of interest. This is how knowledge grows and how physicians want to work these days.

Physicians sometimes need quick answers to clinical relevant questions. With Medperts they can find answers written in physicians language which is directly applicable in their daily routine. It offers easily accessible information written from physicians for physicians and enables discussion and exchange.

Advantages for Physicians
medperts offers highly valuable content and relevant information well-structured and device-independent. It integrates seamlessly in everyday life of physicians at work, in office or while commuting.  It helps them access research in journals, Medline or Wikipedia in one single search and to stay on track with articles about new trends and topics, written and curated by a medical editorial team. It connects physicians from around the world.

Subject Matter

  • News and stories about medical areas of expertise
  • News and summaries about medical guidelines
  • Trends and research findings
  • News about events, congresses and further education
  • Stories around medical devices and their development
  • Transfer of user know-how
    Evidence-based medicine

For more information, log on to www.medperts.com