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HR - Talent Development


  We hire talent who have a passion and commitment to ‘Bring a Positive Change in People’s lives’.
B. Braun has always believed that its strength lies within the talent it attracts and retains. The responsibility of the company towards is its key constituent "employees".

The Management strive to create a great work environment to help employees reach their potential through Systematic Talent Management processes.

Whether it is through Performance Management systems, culture building tools, Feedback Process, 360 degree feedback, Formal Learning and Development processes or Career Planning Processes, the attempt is always to develop leaders who can build a transparent, trusting, performance oriented culture.

They say that a company is only as good as the quality of its talent. It’s especially true of a knowledge-driven industry like healthcare, which is critically dependent on talent to develop innovative products and to market them across the country.

Talent management involves attracting the best talent, and then providing them with the opportunity and the environment to be the best that they can be. At  B. Braun Medical India, talent management involves training and enabling employees to quickly integrate into the company and become productive; establishing processes to measure and manage employees; and delivering training to support continuous improvement in performance.